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Impressions of working at CartoonStock

By: Zeus - On: 08/11/2007 14:11:48 - Comments: 2

So I've been working at CartoonStock for a little over 3 months and I've decided to share some of my impressions about what it's like to work for CartoonStock.

Technically my job description is "Office Junior" which means I get to do whatever needs doing and someone else more important isn't available to do it. Although this means I'm a bit of a gopher it also allows me to see how the whole business operates.

Since CartoonStock moved offices I've been pretty heavily involved in creating the merchandise we produce, it's very satisfying to see how the cartoons on the site translate to images on prints, T-shirts, mouse mats and the rest.

I've also started doing some of the "front of house" answering emails and the like, this has let me see how the licensing system works and also I’ve seen the high quality of the commissioned work produced by the artists CartoonStock represents.

Working in a niche business like CartoonStock is made or broken by the people and the environment, both are great here. The people are friendly and the office space is a relaxing place to work, the lack of a dresscode helps as well.

All in all CartoonStock is a great place to work. Its almost a shame I’m leaving once I’ve earned enough money for my gap year, but maybe I’ll be back in the uni holidays.


By: Richard Duszczak
On: 10/09/2008 12:52:33
Hi, What a job - if I wasn't a cartoonist that would do me fine. If I'd learned the in's and out's of licensing 25 years ago I might now be riding around in a Porsche! Best wishes for the future! Richard D
By: Dan
On: 27/10/2009 13:31:34
Good to see what the inner goings on are like with your position at CS. One positive aspect to doing this is you can set your own pace. Develop a specific work ethic and adopt ways of marketing yourself (or other artists there at CS). It could be worse, you could be a banking financial analyst!

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