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Poacher Turned Gamekeeper

By: Cornelius - On: 13/05/2009 15:51:09 - Comments: 2


The vast majority of cartoonists don't make enormous sums of money. There are a few, both in the UK and US, who are very wealthy, but that probably represents a few percent of the total number of talented professional artists working in the industry.

As a kid I assumed because cartoonists' work was in magazines and newspapers and books that they were all rich and famous. How could a picture be seen by millions of people and the person who created it not be rich and famous?

When I started working as a freelance cartoonist, not only was I amazed to discover that cartoonists weren't necessarily all held in high regard, but that the people who appeared to be gaining the most financial reward in the media weren't the people actually creating the content (i.e. the talented people, and the ones the public were parting with money or time to view) but the business side of the media, the managers, gatekeepers and administrators. The people I saw as untalented dumb and pushy, shallow salesy types that parts of the media are renowned for. The sort, reader, that say your name, reader, too often reader, because they believe reader, that saying it a lot is, reader, a useful sales tool.

As I am now at CartoonStock, an agency, I now work in the business side of the media. I don't create any content myself any more. I am one of the middle men that I had little time for as a creator. Guess what, I discovered I actually perform a necessary and valuable function. Creating the work is one thing, but there is a huge amount of endeavour and talent that goes into getting that content from the creators drawing board so it can be seen by the wider public and so the creator can earn enough money to continue to do the creating. While the majority of my job isn't as hard core creative as thinking and drawing cartoons, there is a strong sense of creation in creating and growing the business itself. I try to keep the dumb untalented, pushy side of my character in check but I do reader, sometimes, reader fall, reader, into some of the clichés.


By: Louise
On: 21/05/2009 19:33:11
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By: Attractions
On: 07/08/2010 14:47:06
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