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Super Powers

By: Cornelius - On: 27/05/2009 17:46:43 - Comments: 2


Someone told me yet another conspiracy theory the other day. I didn't bother listening to any of the details (it may have been about 9 11), essentially, because it was a conspiracy theory.


We all have a tendency to want to believe them, as we have quite a deep seated desire to know that someone, somewhere is in charge, even if it is for bad reasons. We don't like the idea that everything is a little more chaotic than that. I think it is the same desire that makes people want to believe that others hold power when essentially they don't, or that if they do, that power is very limited.

A while ago we had some samples sent to us by a cartoonist at the semi professional stage. He was good, but I and my colleagues felt that it lacked consistency and wasn't quite right for us to market. This happens a lot, but this cartoonist felt we were wrong and got quite angry with us as an organisation. He believed that we had power, and that we used that power arbitrarily. In a way I wish that we did have that sort of power, but the truth is we don't. We are a commercial organisation. As a commercial organisation while we have many obligations to society, one of our functions is to make money for our stakeholders (in this case cartoonists, shareholders and staff). When we see work from a cartoonist that is new to us, our criteria are a) will it sell b) will it compliment and add to the work that we already have c) is the artist professional with ourselves and likely to be so with potential clients. d) is it covering new ground e) is there consistent quality.

You might believe that some of these points are subjective, but we have checks and balances in place to prevent one persons view being too dominant and our only motivation is to offer the best work that we can to grow the business as best we can. We don't. I have a friend who works for a health organisation. One of her jobs was to allocate resources where they were needed most. Describing it dramatically in theory she had the power of life or death. In reality of course she didn't. She was just the person responsible for running each case through a set of criteria and letting those criteria decide. I think if you looked at most apparently powerful jobs you would find that the same would more of less be true.


By: Dmitry
On: 29/04/2010 12:33:56
Given the unbelievable amount of unbelievable trash that we see in the free internet (that's not only about cartoons) a sound censoreship, or call it moderation, will do no harm. It's not at all bad to have a big brother if the brother is not a freak or a bully. Besides, as regards the case with CS, it's up to an artist to decide whether to have him or not.
By: Will Heitzman
On: 24/08/2010 19:28:21
You are thye most amazing person on the planet

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