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Cartoonists in public

By: Franklin Price - On: 17/07/2009 17:10:03 - Comments: 7

I came across this animation today and it's just brilliant.

I'd love to know how many cartoonists can relate to this and if you have any of your own experiences to share.

Why Cartoonists Don't Go Out In Public Much


By: Glenn Foden
On: 18/07/2009 16:08:55
So true. As a political cartoonist, it usually starts with "I can't draw, but I came up with a great idea..." (It's never a great idea.) or maybe, "I thought of something really funny you should draw." (It's NEVER funny.)
By: Savita
On: 13/08/2009 07:11:13
I love your collection of vintage cartoon; it's amazing to see this. Thank you very much for such a wonderful help.


By: weight training
On: 02/10/2009 05:23:39
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Tia SMith
By: Dan
On: 26/10/2009 13:21:37
I agree with Savita on all of the "vintage" cartoons you make available. Considering the fact some living cartoonists are displaying their works in galleries, and even selling originals for well over 100K to collectors, your vintage collection proves cartoons from that era are more along the lines of being considered fine art as opposed to just being considered "cartoons". Keep up the great work.
By: hari
On: 09/07/2010 09:02:31
best best


By: mikejason
On: 29/07/2010 19:53:36
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