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By: Isambard - 07/07/2011 17:10:43 - Comments: 1

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The All Time Christmas Top Five!

By: Isambard - 20/12/2010 12:33:29 - Comments: 8

Congratulations to Mike Baldwin for two of our top five Christmas cartoons, and also a special mention for Adey Bryant for the fastest selling Christmas cartoon of all time - with 20 x sales since November 2009!

Mike Baldwin GPS Christmas cartoon

Top seller - sold 26 times.


November's best sellers...

By: Isambard - 17/12/2010 17:57:49 - Comments: 1

Not surprisingly, a Christmas cartoon makes it into the top-sellers this month, plus a new entry from Mike Baldwin at number 5:

Teamwork cartoon from Scott Wilson

Joint top seller

Sold 7 times (lifetime sales at time of writing - 71)


And Finally - the top selling Animations...

By: Isambard - 24/11/2010 17:48:54 - Comments: 2

To complete the set, I give you our top-selling animations. Our animation database is still relatively new, so sales numbers are smaller, but as you'll see below, as well as ad revenues and occasional requests for commissioned work, some of our animators are starting to rack-up worthwhile numbers of stock sales:

Click the images to view the full animations.

Top seller:

Bill Greenhead teamwork animation

Sold 10 time at time of writing

Best Selling NewsCartoons of All Time

By: Isambard - 24/11/2010 17:22:28 - Comments: 3

Following on from our monthly best-sellers, I though it might be interesting to give you the all-time best selling cartoons from CartoonStock's NewsCartoon Service. Particular congratulations go to Grizelda for having three of the all-time top eight:

Mark Lynch green energy cartoon

All-time top seller - 17 sales to date


October's best sellers...

By: Isambard - 05/11/2010 17:24:57 - Comments: 0

I'm afraid I can't avoid congratulating Fran Orford once again, not only for having the same top-selling cartoon for the fourth month in a row, but also for having October's second and third best-sellers as well! For a more interesting read, I'll announce this month's best-sellers in reverse order:

Rex May compliance cartoon

Fifth best seller

Sold 5 times (lifetime sales at time of writing - 32)


September's best sellers...

By: Isambard - 13/10/2010 14:46:29 - Comments: 2

Congratulations to Sidney Harris for September's second best seller! The top seller is of course Fran's FORN1339 for the third month in a row, but putting that at the top of the list again would make for a less than interesting blog homepage...

Risk Assessment cartoon by Sidney Harris

Second best seller

Sold 6 times (lifetime sales at time of writing - 59)


August's best sellers...

By: Isambard - 20/09/2010 16:45:38 - Comments: 0

Congratulations to Fran Orford for the top selling cartoon two months in a row:

Fran Orford Cartoon

Sold 8 times (lifetime sales - 31)


July's best sellers...

By: Isambard - 20/08/2010 12:59:39 - Comments: 0

Fran Orford - Here, There

Sold 8 times (lifetime sales - 31)


Old Jokes are the Worst

By: Cornelius - 27/07/2009 14:46:55 - Comments: 14

 I love our collection of vintage cartoons. Most of them are from the nineteenth century, many of them are brilliant pieces of artwork, and they are all amazing evocations of a lost world. However while some of them might be considered humorous I don't find any of them actually intentionally funny, and I would be surprised if any one has laughed at them in the way they were intended for nearly 100 years. In their time though they would have been hilarious, so what happened?

Cartoonists in public

By: Franklin Price - 17/07/2009 17:10:03 - Comments: 7

I came across this animation today and it's just brilliant.

Lazarus Lion

By: Cornelius - 04/06/2009 15:44:44 - Comments: 3

I don't think if most modern marketeers were looking to promote a sugar syrup they would select as their logo a festering dead lion carcass infested with insects, but that is what the Victorians chose to go with,

Super Powers

By: Cornelius - 27/05/2009 17:46:43 - Comments: 2


Someone told me yet another conspiracy theory the other day. I didn't bother listening to any of the details (it may have been about 9 11), essentially, because it was a conspiracy theory.

My Yellow Brick Road

By: Franklin Price - 20/05/2009 17:33:20 - Comments: 1

This is my first Blog entry so I decided to play it safe and chat about myself...

Poacher Turned Gamekeeper

By: Cornelius - 13/05/2009 15:51:09 - Comments: 2


The vast majority of cartoonists don't make enormous sums of money. There are a few, both in the UK and US, who are very wealthy, but that probably represents a few percent of the total number of talented professional artists working in the industry.


By: Cornelius - 02/05/2008 12:43:46 - Comments: 7

We got sent some cartoons today by an older American cartoonist. I won’t reveal his name, but his work appeared in all the major cartoon publications in the 70s and 80s notably The New Yorker and Playboy.

History and Cartoons

By: Cornelius - 19/12/2007 15:41:36 - Comments: 4

I have a very geeky confession.

Clashing swords

By: Thalia - 19/12/2007 14:54:53 - Comments: 0

At the start of my fourth week here at CartoonStock I finally steal a few of these precious pre-Christmas minutes to put fingertips to keyboard for the sake of the company blog.

Impressions of working at CartoonStock

By: Zeus - 08/11/2007 14:11:48 - Comments: 2

So I've been working at CartoonStock for a little over 3 months and I've decided to share some of my impressions about what it's like to work for CartoonStock.

Growing or Shrinking?

By: Cornelius - 24/10/2007 17:18:52 - Comments: 4

I haven't posted for a while now, but I have noticed when looking around the forums and chatting to cartoonists that there is still a feeling amongst some that the cartoon market is shrinking. As it seems fairly self evident that the market is actually growing I thought it worth giving my two cents worth (that's a penny for my thoughts at current exchange rates).