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CartoonStock is pleased to announce that customers can now purchase cartoon gift items from Zazzle.com, the US-based print-on-demand company.

In association with Zazzle.com

PLEASE NOTE: A small number of our images may not be available on gifts, we'll let you know and refund you in full if this is the case. See ** at bottom of page.

Cartoon gifts - framed prints, T-shirts, mouse-mats, mugs and much more, all printed with your own choice of cartoon.

Your choice of almost any (see above) CartoonStock cartoon on any of the items below. To purchase these gifts, find the image(s) you require by searching the CartoonStock library. Add them to your shopping cart then click on "View Cart" from the top of any page. Click on the 'Buy this image on merchandise' link beside each cartoon to purchase the items in your shopping cart as gifts rather than to purchase usage rights for the image(s).

This will take you to a page where you can select the merchandise item(s) you would like the cartoon(s) printed on (see descriptions below).

Dispatch is guaranteed within 24 hours. You can select the delivery method/speed you prefer.

Please contact CartoonStock if you have any queries.

What will you create?

Produce your own print or gift items at home or use Cafe Press, Zazzle, Lulu, Photobucket, Snapfish or anyone else you like to produce your gift items.

Print your own gifts

Print on up to 3 individual printed gift items for personal use, not for resale.

You'll be given access to download the high resolution image in JPG format for printing by yourself or your chosen printer.

Price: $12

Cartoon framed print

Unframed Prints

Prints range from basic posters to two types of canvas.

Prints available from 11" x 11" up to 52" x 52".

Price: from $18.65.

Framed Prints

Hundreds of custom frames available, with three levels of mats/mounts.

All framed prints come with Acrylic glazing.

Prints range from basic posters to two types of canvas.

Prints available from 11" x 11" up to 52" x 52".

Price: from $87.98.

Cartoon t-shirts

Cartoon t-shirts


Select from dozens of styles of T-shirts and colors.

Sizes range from Small to 5X.

Price: Men's shirts: from $29.85.

Women's shirts: from $36.40.

Cartoon bag

Classic Tote Bag

100% cotton canvas tote bag (19"x14"x6").

Perfect blank canvas for any cartoon.

Colored handles and base. Well constructed with double-stitched seams.

Six designs and three colors available.

Machine washable.

Price: $33.60.

Cartoon greetings cards

Greetings Cards

Highest quality cards and envelopes.

Two card sizes to choose from.

Price: from $4.60.

Cartoon mug


7 styles of mugs available, with different choices of colours for each mug.

2 different sizes available (11oz and 15oz).

Price: from $24.25.

Cartoon mouse mat

Mouse mats

Durable cloth cover is dust and stain resistant

Non-slip backing keeps your mouse moving while the mousepad stays in place.

9.25" x 7.75" - Perfect size for home or office.

Price: $20.50.

Cartoon apron


One-size-fits-all white apron. 35% cotton / 65% polyester.

Three different syles, three different colours.

Price: $37.35.

Cartoon Business Card

Business Cards

Business cards, 3.5" x 2.0", 100 pack.

Various colors and paper types

Price: $31.70.

Cartoon magnet


Circle or square shapes available in different sizes.

Covered with scratch/UV-resistant Mylar.

Powerful magnet backing - stays put!

Price: $5.35.

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**DISCLAIMER: Where an artist has inadvertantly, or for reasons of satirical comment or parody, included in a cartoon, a trademark, trading name, individual's name, otherwise copyrighted term or any feature which may contravene the rights of publicity of an individual (collectively "third party intellectual property"), CartoonStock will not be able to offer that image on a gift item.

Nothing in the content of this web site is intended to imply that these gift items are approved or authorised by the owner of such third party intellectual property.

Where any gift item is requested, the supply of which could result in abuse of third party intellectual property, CartoonStock reserves the right not to accept or fulfill the order. Where this is necessary, we will inform you and refund all monies paid within one working day.