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Alan De La Nougerede

Year of birth - 1932
Training - Studied oil painting with St John Earp and Cynthia Weller.
First published in - Evening Standard
Cartoons published in - Esquire, Penthouse (USA), Mayfair, Punch, Private Eye, The Oldie, Accountants' Weekly, Certified Accountant, Sunday People (editorial cartoonist), Weekend, Sketch, Daily Mirror, Express (strip - 'True Brit'), Evening News (strip - 'Napoleon').
Exhibitions - Private Eye, shared an exhibition with Matt of the Daily Telegraph, in Museum St. at the Calman Gallery and the World's end Pub.
Books illustrated - St. Albion series (Private Eye), various Annuals - Punch, Private Eye, Oldie. Various themed cartoon books.
Specific expertise - Animals, children, 'eccentrics', colour work.

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