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Lewis Peake

Training - Began in an art studio but mainly self-taught.
First published in - I-SPY Books & Daily Mail I-SPY column.
Cartoons published in - San Francisco Chronicle, Big Issue, Guardian, New Statesman, New Internationalist, Far Eastern Economic Review, Aftonbladet (largest newspaper in Scandinavia), Convergence Magazine, Reprieve (campaign material), Canadian Dimension, Aviva (in-house).
Exhibitions - Ammunition, Norwich (2007 & 2008); Merseyside Stop The War's AL TURNER TIVE TURNER PRIZE, Liverpool (2007).
Books illustrated - I-SPY Books; my own book of political art in production.
Specific expertise - Caricature, political satire, conceptual illustration, gags, logo design, historical themes, web design, good at research when accuracy matters.

This artist also has work in our library of over 200,000 cartoons.

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