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Peter Welleman

Year of birth - 1969
Training - Master of Science in Engineering, Industrial Design, Arts Education Myrtus college
First published in - O2 magazine for Sustainable Technology
Year first published - 1998
Cartoons published in - Hurriyet newspaper, L-Magazine, The Washington Post, SW-Journaal, De Ingenieur, Agrio Magazine, Sign+, VSN Magazine, Tennis&Coach, Financials Only, Bear Magazine, Fitlads Magazine, Gay and Night, MVlife magazine, CHINABUSINESS, SP Tribune, Rocketsnail
Exhibitions - Porta-dell-arte 2008, El Gato Lounge Torremolinos
Books illustrated - Frankie Fraction and the Pepperoni Pizza Problem Lone Star Publications. Rare jongens, die golfers .Vrolijke verhalen en lichtzinnige limericks uit de wondere wereld van golf. Uniepers B.V. / Denis Voorlezen ? Vanzelfsprekend ! Nijgh Versluys N.V.
Specific expertise - Automotive technology, cutaway illustrations, children books, technology magazines, animation for banners, jpg2eps, illustrating abstract topics, (political) satire, educational illustrations, gay graphics, e-zines, board games, flash animation

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