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Ted Rall

Year of birth - 1963
Training - B.A. in History and Physics, Columbia University.
First published in - Kettering-Oakwood Times, Ohio, USA.
Year first published - 1979
Cartoons published in - New York Times, Los Angeles Times, TIME magazine, Newsweek, Village Voice, Fortune magazine, Washington Post, and more than 200 other major newspapers and magazines.
Exhibitions - University of Illinois, Columbia University.
Awards - Pulitzer Prize finalist; Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award; Society of Professional Journalists; and many others.
Books illustrated - The Anti-American Manifesto; Mr War With Brian; 2024; and many others.
Location - New York NY, USA
Hobbies - Running, music, swimming.
Specific expertise - Central Asia, Afghanistan, US and world politics; finance and economics.