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Ralph Hagen

Year of birth - 1959
Training - Self-taught.
First published in - Stony Plain Reporter.
Year first published - 1976
Cartoons published in - Nationally Syndicated comic strip 'The Barn', Reader's Digest, Saturday Evening Post, Woman's World, Prentice Hall, Worksite News, The Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Ottawa Citizen, Stony Plain Reporter, Spruce Grove Examiner, and Prospect.
Exhibitions - Tri-Leisure Trade Fair - Spruce Grove, Boston Museum of Science - Computer display.
Awards - Nationally Syndicated comic strip 'The Barn.'
Books illustrated - High school math text for Canadian students, Pre-school learning books by EE Learning Co., The New Bridge by Jim Moroney.
Specific expertise - Comic strips, cartoons and illustrations.

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