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Rob Moran

First published in - D. C.Thomson comics
Cartoons published in - Starblazer, 2000 AD, Battle, Shiver and Shake, Battle, The Weekly News, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The T&G Record, Culture City magazine, The Beano, The Dandy, The Beezer, Squib, Cartoon Monthly, It's Wicked, Deadline, Fiesta, Knave, Mayfair.
Exhibitions - Annus Horriblis exhibition Liverpool 1995, Pier Arts Centre Winter Exhibition 2009
Specific expertise - Comic book artist specialising in sequential art from hyper realistic to cartoon styles; Illustrator in many styles; Cartoonist both gag and strip, Painter both fine art and illustrative; Writer of comic book scripts, strip cartoons, TV and radio scripts

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