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Tom Prisk

Year of birth - 1960
Training - Famous Names Course, Success International Cartooning Course, etc.
First published in - CB Magazine, then reprinted in their Best Of CB Magazine issue.
Year first published - 1977
Cartoons published in - The Saturday Evening Post, (The Best Cartoons from the Saturday Evening Post), National Examiner, Reader's Digest, Yankee Magazine, Woman's World, Woman Magazine, Writer's Digest, Byline Magazine, Leadership, (The Best Cartoons from Leadership), etc.
Exhibitions - Mars In Their Eyes exhibit at the Cartoon Museum in London 2007. The Michigan Comics Exhibition at Eastern Michigan University 2009.
Books illustrated - Has featured in many books including: the college textbook, Computers for McGraw/Hill, Chicken Soup for the Soul books; Volunteer's Soul, Father & Daughter's Soul and Writer's Soul.
Specific expertise - Mainly off-beat type humor. Single panel and comic strip form.

This artist also has work in our library of over 200,000 cartoons.

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