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Aubrey Beardsley (1872-1898)

Nationality - British

Magazines and Newspapers published in - The Savoy, The Studio

Books - Yellow, Oscar Wilde's play Salome, Lysistrata, Le Morte d'Arthur, Pope's The Rape of the Lock

Biography - Born in Brighton, Beardsley was an influential British author and illustrator in the late 1890's. Beardsley's illustrations formed an integral part of the British Aesthetic Movement, and he specialised in ink drawings. One of the most controversial artists from the Art Nouveau period, Beardsley was known for his dark imagery and erotica, themes which he continuously explored throughout his work. He was close friends with Oscar Wilde, and consequently became a public figure. Beardsley's potential as an artist may never have been realised, as he died of tuberculosis aged only 25.

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