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Thomas Nast (1840-1902)

Nationality - American

Magazines and Newspapers published in - New York Illustrated News, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, Harper's Weekly, Nast's Weekly

Biography - Born in Germany, Nast later moved to America where his career was so successful he was consider the 'father' of political cartoonists there. Nast was famous for his caricatures and editorial cartoons during the late 1800's. He started work at Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, and positions on Harper's Weekly and The Illustrated London News followed. He drew for the magazine Harper's Weekly, and produced many patriotic drawings to help crush the rebels during the American Civil War. His first serious caricature was 'Peace in 1862', a cartoon directed at the northerners opposing the prosecution of the American Civil War. Nast also created the image most popularly recognised today as Santa Claus and started the concept of using a donkey to represent democrats and an elephant to represent the republicans.

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