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Charles Keene (1823-1891)

Nationality - British

Magazines and Newspapers published in - Punch, Once a Week, Illustrated London News, Pencil

Exhibitions - In 1891 over 200 his works were exhibited at the Fine Art Society.

Books - F.C. Burnaud's Tracks for Tourists, Reade's The Cloister and the Hearth

Biography - Charles Keen dabbled with careers in architecture and law before he started work as a wood engraver. It wasn't long before employment on the Illustrated London News followed, and after becoming friends with a writer on Punch magazine, Keene soon became on their stock artists. His work increased after John Leech died in the mid 1860's, as he depicted similar social scenes, such as life on the streets, and was particularly interested in the working classes. However, Keen received criticism during his time as an illustrator mainly from those who believed he was hostile towards them.

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