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James Gillray (1757-1815)

Nationality - British

Magazines and Newspapers published in - The Anti-Jacobin

Exhibitions - Humphrey's Print Shop

Biography - Gillray was a British caricaturist, most famous for his work depicting George III, Napoleon and the French during the period of the French Revolution, as well as promoting John Bull. He was a strong supporter of William Pitt, Britain's prime minister at the time, and contributed to the Tory magazine The Anti-Jacobin. Gillray has been acclaimed as one of the most influential British caricaturists, drawing both political and social cartoons. Problems arose in Gillray's life after his eyesight began to fail in 1806. Although he wore glasses they weren't effective, and he was unable to work satisfactorily. Gillray quickly began drinking heavily and suffered from depression. He tried to kill himself, lapsed into insanity and had to be cared for until his death a few years later.

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