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Cloned Sheep Cartoons and Comics

Cloned Sheep cartoon 1 of 3

Man counts jumping cloned sheep.

Artist: Wejp-Olsen, Werner   Search ID: wwe0994   High Res: 2217x931 pixels (unwatermarked)
Tags: sheep, counting sheep, jumping sheep, clone, clones, cloned, cloning, asleep, sleeps, sleeping, asleep, falling asleep, insomnia, cloned sheep, genetic modification, gene, genes, genetic, genetics, genetic experiment, genetic experiments, genetic experimentation

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Cloned Sheep cartoon 2 of 3

Cloned Sheep cartoons, Cloned Sheep cartoon, funny, Cloned Sheep picture, Cloned Sheep pictures, Cloned Sheep image, Cloned Sheep images, Cloned Sheep illustration, Cloned Sheep illustrations

'How are the cloning experiments of shepherds going?'

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Cloned Sheep cartoon 3 of 3

Man trying to get to sleep by counting cloned sheep.

Artist: Wejp-Olsen, Werner   Search ID: wwe0613   High Res: 2500x930 pixels (unwatermarked)
Tags: sleep, sleeping, slept, sleeps, getting to sleep, sheep, count, counting, counted, counts, counting sheep, dolly, clone, cloned, clones, cloning, cloned sheep, genetically engineering, genetic engineering, bed, beds, bedtime, insomnia, insomniac

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