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CartoonStock Vintage and Historic Cartoons - topics: c



c d

c dickens

c m

c major


cab cab driver cab drivers cab fare cab fares cab man cab men cab ride cab service cab services cab strike cab strikes cab tout cab-driver cab-drivers cabbie cabbies cabby cabbys cabdriver cabdrivers cabin cabinet cabinets cabins cabman cabmen cabriolet cabriolets cabs


cad caddies caddy caddy jellyby cadet cadets cads


caesar caesarism


cafe cafes


cage cage crinoline cage crinolines caged caged bird caged birds cages




cake cake care cakes


calais calash calculation calculations caleb caleb plummer calèshe calf caliban california california gold rush california joe call call in called to the bar calling calling in callous calls calm calves calypso


cambridge cambridge abc cambridge blue cambridge university camel camels camera camera crew camera crews cameras camouflage camouflages camp camp douglas camp fire camp life camp site campaign campaign platform campaign promise campaign promises campaign speech campaign speeches campaigners campaigning campaigns campers camping camps campsite campsites


can can can canada canadian canadian costume canal canal boat canal boats canal digging canal ring canaletto canals canaries canary cancan cancel canceled cancelled cancels candid candidate candidates candle candle shop candle shopping candles candlestick candlesticks candour candy cane caned canes canine canines caning cannon cannon balls cannonball cannonballs cannons canny canoe canoeing canoes canoing canon canon moore canons cans cant cantankerous canter canterbury cantered cantering canting hypocrite canto cantos canute canvas canvases canvass canvasser canvassers canvassing


cap cap of liberty capacity cape cape st vincent capes capital capital cities capital punishment capitalism capitalist capitalists capitol capitol hill caprice capricious caprivi caps capsize capsized capsizes captain captain cuttle captain geor captain nares captain skuttle captain thomas coram captains captivated captivating captive captives captivity capture capture of atlanta capture of gibraltar capture of naples capture of tweed captured capturing


car car accident car accidents caravan caravans carbonari carcass carcasses card card game card games card table card-game card-games card-sharpers cardboard city cardenio cardinal cardinal's hat cardinals cards care care home care homes care worker care workers cared career careers careful careless carer carers cares caretaker caretakers cargo cariage cariages caricatura caricature caricatures caring carker carl schurz carl shurz carlo khan carlton house carmel carmel building carmel buildings carnival carnivalesque carnivals carnot carol carol singer carol singers caroler carolers carolina carolinas campaign caroline caroline jellyby caroline of brunswick caroloo carols carp carpenter carpenters carpet bag carpet bags carpetbagger carpetbaggers carraige carraige drivers carraiges carrel carriage carriage driver carriage drivers carriage lamps carriage wheel carriage wheels carriages carried carried away carrier carrier pigeon carrier pigeons carries carroll carrriages carry carrying carrying children cars cart carte carte de visite cartes de visite carthage carton cartoon publication cartoons at hampton court cartridge cartridges carts cartwheel cartwheels carve carver carving


cas casby case cases cash casino casinos cast offs castaway castaways castle castlereagh castles castro casual casual dress casualties casualty


cat cat attack cat burglar cat burglaries cat burglars cat burglary cat fight cat fights cat owner cat owners cat's cradle catastrophe catch catch 22 catch out catch-22 catcher catches catching catching fish catching horse catechism catechisms cater catering caterpillar caterpillars caters cathces cathederal cathedral cathedral tour cathedral tours cathedrals catherine catherine the great catholic catholic church catholic priest catholic priests catholicism catholics catlin cats cats and dogs cattle cattle farm cattle farmer cattle farmers cattle farming cattle farms cattle market cattle ranch cattle show cattle shows cattles catty


caucus race caucus-race caught caught out caught red handed caught red-handed caught up cauliflower cauliflowers cause causes caution cautioned cautioning cautions cautious


cavalletto cavalries cavalry cavalry charge cavalry charges cavalry officer cavalry officers cavalry regiment cavalry regiments cavalry soldier cavalry soldiers cavalryman cave cave canem cave man cave men cave of spleen caveman cavemen caves


ceasefire ceasefires


cecil wray


cedar creek


ceiling ceiling painting ceilings


celebrate celebrated celebrating celebration celebrations celebratory celebrities celebrity celestial celestial bodies celestial body celibacy celibate cell cellar cellars cellist cellists cello cellos cells celsius celt celtic celts


censor censored censors censorship censure census censuses centigrade central asia centre of attention centuries century


cephalic cephalic snuff


ceramic ceramics ceramics industry cereal cereals cerebrus ceremonies ceremony cervantes


chace chaces chadband chain chain gang chain gangs chain pier chained chained up chains chair chair attendant chair attendants chairing chairing the member chairman chairs chairtable chaise chaises chalk challenge challenged challenges challenging chamber chamberlain chambermaid chambermaids chambers chambord chameleon chameleons chamisso champagne champagnes champaign champers champignon mushroom champignon mushrooms champion champions championship fight champs-élysées chance chance encounter chance meeting chancellor chancellor bismarck chancellor of the exchequer chancellors chancellorsville chancelor chancery chancery lane chancery system change changes changing changing of the guard channel channel crossing channel crossings channel islands channel tunnel chaos chaotic chapel chapels chaperon chaperone chaperones chaperoning chaperons chaplain chaplains characature characatures character characteristics characters characters caricatura characters caricaturas charaters charcoal charge charged charger chargers charges charging charing cross chariot chariot of fire chariots chariots of fire charisma charismatic charitable charitable act charitable acts charitable grinder charities charity charity case charity dinner charity hospital charity pecksniff charity performance charivari charlemagne charles  dickens charles charles barry charles baudelaire charles cheeryble charles churchill charles darnay charles darwin charles de lameth charles dickens charles dickens at gadshill charles felix charles fox charles gordon charles grey charles guiteau charles i charles ii charles james fox charles jenkinson charles keene charles lameth charles malo franã§ois lameth charles mell charles parnell charles reade charles sibthorp charles sibthorpe charles stuart parnell charles sumner charles tilt charles x charles xii charles xii of sweden charles yorke charleston charlestown charlestown harbour charley charley bates charlotte charm charmed charming charms charon chart charter chartism chartist chartist demonstrations chartist movement chartists charts charwoman chase chased chased out chases chasing chasing shadow chasing shadows chasse chassepot chaste chat chateaubriand chatelaine chatelaines chats chatterbox chatterboxes chattering chatting chatty chauncey depew


cheap cheap bread cheap divorce cheap furniture cheap furniture mart cheap labor cheap labour cheap seats cheapness cheat cheaters cheats check check up check ups checked checks checkup checkups cheek cheekiness cheeks cheeky cheeky boy cheeky boys cheer cheerful cheerfully cheering cheerless cheers cheery cheeryble cheese cheese board cheese boards cheese maker cheese makers cheese making cheese-maker cheese-makers cheese-making cheesemaker cheesemakers cheeses cheetah cheetahs chef chefs cheggs chemical chemical industry chemical warfare chemicals chemist chemistry chemists cheque chequers cheques cheroot cheroots cherrubs cherry pecksniff cherub cherubs cheshire cheshire cat chesney wold chess chess board chess boards chess game chess games chess piece chess pieces chest note chest notes chester a arthur chester arthur chevalier macaire chew chewing


chic chicago chicago convention chicago platform chicken chickens chide chief chief justice chief justice chase chieftain chieftains chignon chignons chigwell chilblain chilblains child child care child crying child development child developments child education child employment child labor child labour child labourer child labourers child minder child minders child minding child of the period child pauper child paupers child poverty child prodigies child prodigy child raising child rearing child soldier child soldiers child-care child-minder child-minders child-minding child-raising child-wife child's clothes child's clothing child's game child's games child's toy child's toys childcare childhood childhood development childhoods childish childre childrearing childrem's games children children crying children playing children skating children;s party children;s toys children's classic children's classics children's clothes children's clothing children's employment children's fashion children's food children's games children's hospital children's hospitals children's letters to santa clause children's literature children's parties children's party children's rhyme children's rhymes children's toy children's toys children's ward childrens hospital childrens ward childs toy chill chills chilly chilperic chimes chimney chimney brush chimney brushes chimney pot chimney pots chimney sweep chimney sweeper chimney sweepers chimney sweeps chimneys chimneysweep chimneysweeps china china relief expedition chinaman chinamen chinese chinese americans chinese emperor chinese exclusion act chinese immigrants chinese immigration chinese in paris chinese labor chinese labour chinese nationalism chinese of paris chinese wall chip off the old block chipmunk chipmunks chippendale chippendale's furniture chiswick chiswick gardens chiswick park chivalrous chivalry chivery


chocolate chocolates choderlos de laclos choice choices choir choir boy choir boys choirboy choirboys choirs chokers cholera cholera epidemic cholera epidemic 1849 choleric cholic cholmondeley-pennell choose chooser choosers choosing choosy chop chop house chopin chopping choppy chops choral choral society chore chores chorister chorus chorus singer chorus singers


chraley bates christ christ child christanity christen christendom christened christening christening gift christening gifts christening present christening presents christenings christens christian christian andersen christian anderson christianity christians christkindchen christmas christmas books christmas box christmas boxes christmas carol christmas carols christmas concert christmas day christmas dinner christmas dinners christmas dream christmas edition christmas eve christmas gifts christmas issue christmas morning christmas parties christmas party christmas post christmas present christmas presents christmas pudding christmas puddings christmas time christmas tradition christmas traditions christmas-box christmas-boxes christmases christmax boxes christopher casby christopher columbus christopher nubbles christopher wren christy minstrels chronology chrysostom chrystom


chubby chuffey church church and state church bell church bells church clock church clocks church doors church goer church goers church in danger church land church of england church of ireland church service church services church tower church wedding church weddings church yard churches churchgoer churchgoers churchgoing churchill churchwarden churchwardens churchyard churchyards chuzzlewit chuzzlewit co


ciderella dance


cig cigar case cigar smoke cigar smoker cigar smokers cigar smoking cigs


cincinnati cincinnati convention cinderella


cipher ciphers


circuit circumstance circumstances circumstances make the man circus circus act circus acts circus horse circus performer circus show circus trick circus tricks circuses


citadel cities citizen citizen king citizens city city gate city gates city gent city hall city jail city life city of eden city of london city trained city trained band city trained bands city treasury city troops


civ civil civil engineering project civil engineering projects civil law civil rights civil rights bill civil rights movement civil service civil service reform civil service stores civil war civilian civilians civilisation civilisations civilise civilised civilised animal civilised animals civilising mission civilities civility civilized animal civilized animals civilizing mission civillian civillians




claim claim to fame claimant claims clairvoyant clairvoyants clam clam fisherman clam fishermen clam spearing clamber clambering clamorous clamp clams clap clapham evangelicals clapping clara copperfield clara peggotty clara peggoty clarence clarendon claret clarets clarinet clarinets clarissa clarissa harlowe clarissa spenlow clash class class conflict class differences class distinction class distinctions class divide class divides class gap class segregation class snobbery class tension class war classes classic classic literature classic novel classic theater classic theatre classical classical art classical culture classical education classical educations classical essayist classical essayists classical music classical musician classical musicians classical scholar classical sculpture classical sculptures classical theater classical theatre classicism classics classified classisist classisists classroom classrooms classy claude claudius claudius caesar clause clauses claxton clay clay pipe claypole


clean clean clothes clean washing cleaned cleaner cleaners cleaning cleaning boots cleaning lady cleaning woman cleanliness cleans cleanse clear clear water clearing clearing up cleaver cleavers clemency clemency newcome


clément prunelle


clennam cleopatra cleopatra skewton clergman clergy clergyman clergymen cleric clerical clerical collar clericalism clerics clericsbishops clerk clerkenwell clerks clev cleveland clever clever child


client clients cliff cliffhanger cliffs cliffs of dover clifftop climat climate climate of fea climates climb climber climbers climbing climbs clip


cloak cloak room cloak room boy cloak rooms cloakroom cloakrooms cloaks clock clocks clockwork clockwork horse clockwork horses clockworks clog clogs close close call close calls close weather closed closed down closed off closing time cloth clothe clothed clothes clothes dealer clothes line clothes lines clothes peg clothes shop clothes shops clothes-making clothesmaker clothesmakers clothing clothing donations clothing passion cloud clouds cloudy weather clout clown clowns


club club house club houses club law club rules club soda clubhouse clubhouses clubs clumbsy clumsiness clumsy clutched clutching clutter clutterbuck cluttered


clyde steamer clyde steamers






co education co educational


co-education co-educational


coach coach and horses coach driver coach inn coaches coaching coaching china coaching inn coaching station coachman coachman's uniform coachman's uniforms coachmen coachs coal coal business coal coking coal deliverer coal deliverers coal heaver coal heavers coal mine coal miner coal miners coal mines coal scuttle coal scuttles coal substitute coal substitutes coal tar coal tars coal worker coal workers coal-heaver coal-heavers coalition coals coarse coast coastguard coastguards coasts coat coat pockets coat room coat rooms coatroom coatrooms coats coavinses coax coaxing


cobbled road cobbler cobblers cobblestone cobden


cochin cochin china cochin china fowl cochin china fowls cochin fowl cochin fowls cock fight cock fighting cock fights cock sparrow cock sparrows cock-swain cockatoo cockatoos cockerel cockerels cockfighting cockney cockney slang cockneys cockpen cockpit cockpits cockroach cockroaches cocksure cocktail cocktail glass cocktail parties cocktail party cocktails cocky cocoricos


cod liver oil codlin


coerce coercion


coffee coffee house coffee room coffee seller coffee stall coffee vendor coffin coffin ship coffin ships coffin-ship coffin-ships coffins




cohorn cohorns


coiffure coin coinage coins




cold cold bath cold baths cold day cold drink cold drinks cold feet cold meal cold meals cold meat cold morning cold mornings cold mutton cold plate cold plates cold water cold weather coldness colds coleridge coley colfax coliseum colisseum collapse collapsed collapses collapsing collar collars colleague colleagues collect collecter collecting collection collector collectors college college boy college porter colleges collide collided collides colliding collier colliers collision collisions collonial secretary colloquial colloquialism colloquialisms collyflower collyflowers cologne cologne cathedral colonel colonel bull colonel charles sibthorp colonel diver colonel george hanger colonel hanger colonel oslow colonel saunderson colonel sibthorp colonel sibthorpe colonel tate colonels colonial colonial penny post colonial tour colonial tours colonialism colonialist colonialists colonies colonist colonists colony color color-blind color-blindness colorado colors colossus colour colour-blind colour-blindness colouring colours columbia columbia college columbia market columbines columbus columbus' egg column columns


coma comb combat combing combs combustible combustibles come off comeback comedian comedy comeuppance comfit comfits comfort comfortable comforter comforting comic comic opera comic operatta comic song comic songs comical comics coming home coming out command commanding commandment commandments commands commend comment comments commerce commerce section commercial commercial morality commerical treaty commission commissioned commissioned officer commissioner commissions commit commitment committee committee of public assistance committee of the house of commons committees committing commodities commodity common common council common councilman common land common lands common man commoner commons commonwealth of australia constitution act 1900 commotion communal bath communal bathing communal bathroom communal bathrooms communal baths communal bed communal beds communal breakfast communal breakfasts communal home communal homes communal instrument communal instruments communal property commune communicate communicated communicates communicating communication communications communion communions communism communist communists community commuter commuters commuting companies companion companions companionship company comparative love compartment compartments compasses compassion compassionate compete competing competition competitions competitive competitiveness competitor competitors complacency complacent complain complained complaining complains complaint complaints complement complementary complements complete angler complex complexion complexions complicated compliment compliments compliments of the season compo compos compose composer composers composing composure comprehend comprehends comprehension compromise comte d'argout comte de paris


con con artist con artists conceal concealed conceited concentrating concentration concern concerned concerning concert concert hall concert halls concertina concertinas concerts concerts monstres concession concessions concierge concierges conclusion conconformists concord concrete concussion condemned condemned cell condescend condescending condescendingly condescension condition conditions conduct conducting conductor conductors conducts confectioner confectioners confectionery confederacy confederate confederate army confederate navy confederates confederation conference conferences confess confession confessions confidant confidence confidence tricksters confidences confident confidential confidentiality confinement confirmation confirmed conflict conflicts conform conforming conformism conformist conformists conformity confront confrontation confrontational confrontations confronted confronting confronts confuse confused confusing confusion congest congestion congratulate congratulating congratulation congratulations congrax congregate congregation congregations congress congress of berlin congress of paris conjecture conjugal conjugal affection conjugal vows conjurer conjurers conkling conman conmen connaisseur connaisseurs connecticut conned conniosseur conniosseurs conqueror conquerors conquest of gibraltar cons conscience conscience clause conscience clearer conscientious conscript conscripted conscription conscripts consecrated consecration consequence consequences conservatism conservative conservative foreign policy conservative leadership conservative party conservative policy conservative press conservative programme conservative revival conservative victories conservative victory conservatives conservatories conservatory consider considerate consolation consolidated fund consoling consols conspicuous conspicuous consumption conspiracy conspirator conspiratorial conspirators constable constables constantinople constituencies constituency constituent constituents constitution constitutionalism construct constructing construction construction site construction sites construction worker construction workers construction zone constructions constructive criticism consult consultation consulting consulting surgeon consume consumer consumer society consumerism consumers consuming consumption contact contagious contemporaries contemporary contempt contempt of court contemptuous content contented contented mind contention contentment contest continent continental continental breakfast continental breakfasts continual feast contraband contract contracts contradict contradiction contradictions contraption contraptions contrary contrast contrasting contrivance contrivances control controlling controversy convalescent convalescents convalescing convenience convenient convent convention conventional conventional propriety conventions convents conversation conversational conversationalist conversationalists conversations converse conversed conversing convert converted converting converts convict convicted conviction convictions convicts convience convince convinced convincing convivial conviviality convoluted


cook cookbook cookbooks cooked cookery cooking cooking skill cooking skills cooks cool cooling coomassie coop coordination


cop copenhagen house copper copperfield copperhead copperheads coppers cops copse copy copying


coram corbould cordial corinth coriolanus cork life-belt cork life-bets corn corn field corn fields corn law corn laws corn presser corn pressers corner corner chair corner chairs corner the market cornered cornering the market corners corney cornfield cornfields cornish cornish custom cornish customs cornish tradition cornish traditions corns cornwall corp corporal corporal punishment corporal punishments corporals corporation corporations corporations of london corporl trim corps corpse corpse candle corpse candles corpses corpulence correct corrected correction correspondence corridor corrupt corrupt politics corrupt practice corrupted corrupting corruption corset corsets


cosmetic cosmetics cospicuous cossack cossacks cost coster costermonger costermongers costers costly costs costume costume parties costume party costumer costumers costumes costumier costumiers cosy


cot cotholicism cots cottage cottages cotton cotton blockade cotton corner cotton industry cotton spinner cotton spinners cotton spinning cotton trade cotton trading


couch cough cough medicine cough mixture coughs council councillor councillors councils counsel counsel's opinion counsellor counsellors counselor counselors counsels count count d'argout count honoré garzan count metternich count of chambord count valmont count von moltke counter counter-mining counterfeit counterfeit coins counterfeit currency counterfeiter counterfeits countess counties counting countries country country air country airs country boy country boys country bumpkin country bumpkins country clothes country clothing country cousin country cousins country estate country estates country fair country fairs country fashion country fashions country folk country gentleman country gentlemen country holiday country house country houses country inn country inns country justice country justice's country laborers country lane country lanes country life country living country lord country lords country magistrate country man country manors country mansion country men country parson country parsons country path country paths country people country photographer country picnic country picnics country pursuit country pursuits country races country road country squire country squires country theatre country theatrecombat country town country towns country trail country trails country wife countryman countrymen countryside countryside pursuits countrysides counts county county championship county franchise county hall coup coup d'etat couple couples coupples courage courier courier journal courier-journal course course of true love courses court court case court cases court corrruption court corruption court dress court intrigue court of law court presentation court presentations court room court rooms court trial court trials courtcase courtcases courted courtenay courteous courter courters courtesan courtesans courtesy courthouse courthouses courtier courtiers courting courtly courtroom courtrooms courts courts of justice courts of law courtship courtships courtyard courtyards cousin cousin feenix cousins


cove covent garden covent garden market covent garden markets covent garden opera cover cover design covers coves covet


cow cow cross mission cow farmer cow farmers cow-cross cow's milk coward cowardice cowards cowboy cowboy builder cowboy builders cowboys cower cowering cows


coxswain coxswains






cr leslie


crab crabs crack cracker crackers cracking crackling cradle cradle of liberty cradles craft crafts craftsman craftsmen crafty crammer crammers cramped cranes crash crashed crashes crashing cratchit cravat cravats crave craw crawl crawley crawling craws craze crazed crazes crazy


creakle cream creamy create creative creative play creativity creature creatures credit credit crisis credit mobilier credit mobilier of america scandal creditor creditors credits creek creeks creel creels creepy crawlies crete crete revolt crew


crib cribbage cribs crichton cricket cricket association cricket associations cricket ball cricket balls cricket bat cricket bats cricket cap cricket caps cricket club cricket clubs cricket dinner cricket fan cricket fans cricket game cricket games cricket ground cricket grounds cricket injuries cricket injury cricket legends cricket match cricket matchers cricket matches cricket on the hearth cricket pads cricket pitch cricket player cricket players cricket prospects cricket supper cricket team cricket teams cricketer cricketers cricketing crickets crier cries crimea crimean crimean war crimean wars crimeans crimes criminal criminal class criminal classes criminal court criminal courts criminal record criminality criminals crimp crinoline crinolines crinoliniad cripple crippled crises crises of faith crisis critic critical criticise criticised criticising criticism criticisms criticize criticized criticizing critics


croc crochet crochet pattern crochet patterns crocheting crocodile crocodiles crocs cromwell cromwells crone crones cronje crook crooked crooks crop crops croquemitain croquet croquet game croquet ground croquet hoop croquet hoops croquet mallet croquet mallets croquet match croquet player croquet players croquet tournament croquet tournaments cross cross country cross-keys crossbow crossed arms crossed-arms crosses crossing crossing sweep crossing sweeper crossing sweepers crossing the road crossing-sweep crossing-sweeper crossing-sweepers crossings crossly crow crowd crowd control crowded crowded streets crowdero crowderos crowds crowds crowded crown crown and anchor crowned crowns crows


crucifiction crucifictions crucifix crucifixes crucify crude cruel cruelty cruelty to animals cruikshank cruise cruises crummles crummles theatre troupe cruncher crupp crusade crusader crusaders crusades crush crush hat crush hats crush room crushed crushing crusoe crust crustacean crustaceans crusts crutch crutches


cry crying crystal crystal palace crystal palace exhibition crystal palace speech crystal palace speeches crystal springs crystals




cub cub hunt cub hunting cub hunts cub-hunt cub-hunting cub-hunts cuba cuban cuban cigar cuban cigars cubhouse cubs


cuckoo cuckoos cucumber


cuddle cuddles cudgel cudgels






culpepper cultivating cultivation cultural cultural change cultural difference cultural differences culture cultured cultures


cumberland cumbersome




cup cup and ball cup of tea cupboard cupboards cupid cupid bow cups cups of tea


curacoa curate curate's egg curate's uniform curates curates uniform curb curb bit curb bits curbs cure cured cures curio curio cabinet curio cabinets curiosities curiosity curiosity shop curious curled curling tong curling tongs curls curly curly hair currencies currency currency collapse current affairs curse curses cursing curtain curtains curtis curtsey curtseying curtsy curtsying


cusoms cussing custody custom custom house custom house officer custom houses custom-house custom-houses customer customer service customer services customers customs customs and excise customs officer customs officers


cut cutlery cutlet cuts cuts and bruises cutting cutting onions cuttle




cycle cycle path cycle paths cycles cycling cyclist cyclists


cymbal cymbals cymon tuggs


cynic cynical cynics




cystal palace


czar czar paul i czars