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Steve Bright

Training - For this job? You're kidding, right?
First published in - The Beano. No, seriously!
Year first published - 1983
Cartoons published in - Beano, Dandy, Beezer, Topper, Nutty, Hoot, Victor, Bunty, School Fun, Nipper, Buster, Daily Record, Sunday Times, Funday Times, Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Glasgow Herald, Ben 10, Scotland's Runner, Beano Book, Dandy Book, and many others.
Exhibitions - Shrewsbury Cartoon Festivals, plus a few guest slots on other smaller events.
Awards - Always the bridesmaid... Twice runner up as Scotland's Cartoonist Of The Year, plus D&AD nomination for Yellow Pencil Award, outstanding achievement for work on Creative Circle Bumper Book Of British Advertising, 2008. Cycling Proficiency Test, circa 1968
Books illustrated - Afore-mentioned Creative Circle Bumper Book Of British Advertising, 2008, plus loads of other comic annuals. And Dennis the Menace's Guide To Golf Etiquette - that was fun!
Specific expertise - Cartooning - that's it! I've covered just about every field in my time.
Professional projects - All top secret, I'm afraid - I don't even know what they are myself until they're finished - sometimes not even then!

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